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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Events at CHS

It is the time of year when there are MANY activities around the district leading up to graduation. Tonight, there is a meeting at CHS for the IB parents discussing the CAS requirements. tomorrow night, the football team plays an intra-squad scrimmage. The spring football game against Yazoo City is in Jackson on May 16. Graduation is May 23.

What else is happening?

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  1. CMSD 2008-2009 Meets Health Challenge!

    Not only did our schools assist our students to meet physical and nutritional goals, we did more! This year we included school administrators and, their staff to make healthier choices. We set a goal to walk 5 Million Steps by April 2009. We did it! There were several ways that we accumulated our steps; individual logs were copied to us, community activities and, school walking clubs. We took to heart the Office of Healthy Schools’ challenge to, “ . . . seize the opportunity to improve the quality of life.” Our leaders were:
    Craig Shannon, Special Assistant to Superintendent
    Thomas Collins, Director of Child Nutrition
    Sandra Pegues, District Wellness Coordinator
    Our special thanks goes to Dr. Phillips and, Mr. Shannon. You were both great sports in the Campaign!
    The winners of the, “Steppin Out in 2009” Campaign were:
    Ricky Latham, Lee Middle
    Angela Pounders, Cook Fine Arts
    Tina Morgan, Hunt Intermediate
    Susan Edmondson, Sale International Studies
    Amy Shepherd, Franklin Medical
    Candice Aldridge, Central Office
    Outstanding School Team (faculty and staff): Fairview Aerospace - 3,523,001 steps
    “Let’s keep walking CMSD and, Mississippi!”