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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CHS Spanish Honor Society

Last night I attend a wonderful event at CHS. Spanish students were inducted into the Spanish Honor Society. The best part -- the program was conducted in Spanish and translated for the rest of us. (unfortunately, i've never learned a language) My son was one of seventeen new menbers last night. It is very important in our global world that students learn something about a language but more important, they must learn about other cultures. In American, we are THE melting pot of cultures and the more we learn the better our future.

Mrs. Courtney Stanback did an awesome job. As she honored the seniors who were part of the first AP Spanish course it was clear she loves and cares for her students. Everything we know about successful schools tells us we need teachers and administrators who really care for kids. We've got that at CHS. Thanks to all those who participated.

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