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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dual Credit Opportunities

Counselors at Columbus High School and McKellar Technology Center are currently recruiting students to take advantage of the dual credit opportunities that will be available for rising seniors. Both academic and vocational courses will be offered. Students will be transported from the high school to the Golden Triangle campus of EMCC to take courses. They will be away from school for about three hours, then return to take afternoon classes. Students will receive not only college credit, but high school Carnegie units as well. This is a great opportunity to get a jump start on postsecondary work, and to get acclimated to the college scene. Best of all - it's free! Limited slots are available, so contact a counselor at 241-7290 or 241-7200 to get more information.


  1. I think expanding and encouraging dual credit opportunities is an awesome way to keep school relavent; add value; increase graduation rates; and increase college success rates. Personally, I think the majority of our students should be planning for dual credit from the time they start middle school. It should be on their radar that early and part of their plan for graduation. Not every student needs a 4-year college degree, but all the research tells us that they do need some post-secondary work to have a chance at getting and keeping a decent job. GO CHS !!

  2. There have been some questions about why the dual credit program is with EMCC and not MUW. Well, we do have dual credit opportunities with MUW too. But, there are some differences. The costs vary per credit hour. We also know that more of our students are likely to enroll in EMCC, especially with the proposed guaranteed tuition program.